Personal Frequency

January 17, 2016


Have you ever heard of Personal Vibration? Or Frequency? 

We live in a time where all of us are trying to find balance, live in the now and just be happier than what we have been.  And when I look around and listen to those around me all of that just seems like its impossible at times!


What if I told you, your personal vibration has everything to do with how you are feeling, your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental side of you?


So what is personal vibration, or frequency? This is generally a word used in physics that describes the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time.  If we consider our internal energy in this way, then the more positive events that happen the faster our energy moves, the higher its rate of frequency.


An individual with a lower frequency are typically negative, stressed out and stressful people.  They love drama, and usually have very poor eating habits.  They are addicted to negative thinking.

The people living off of a higher frequency have minimal stress, because of how they see the world, they avoid drama and negative thinking.

The level you vibrate on brings more of that frequency to you.  The more you have of a specific energy the faster and higher that frequency you will receive.


So how can you start living off of a higher frequency level?

Here are some things I started to do a few years ago and it has truly changed my life, and I’m still working on it!




1.   When waking up in the morning allow at least 10-15 minutes for meditation and setting your intension for the day.  I also like to get my workout in, some yoga for stretching and because I love to dance I dance for a few minutes or a couple of songs to get me in a good mood.  Having a healthy breakfast also helps set the mood for your energy and how you will eat for the rest of the day


2.  Be aware of things you are saying, watching and listen.  The more    drama and negativity the lower your vibration level will be.


3.  De-cluttering your home helps energy flow through your house and it helps you live in a more peaceful place.  I’m the queen of throwing and donating things! Burning sage through out your house once a week helps remove the negative energy from you house.



4.  De-clutter your thoughts–LET GO!–Holding on to what no longer servers you only keeps your frequency level low.  Anger doesn’t serve a purpose.  Forgive yourself for the past, and forgive those that have done something to you.  Your personal vibration will thank you.

For more information on how to raise your personal vibration please contact me.


With Health & Happiness,














Mariana Fritsch



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