How Stressed Out Are You?

January 25, 2016


Let me tell you my stress level a few years ago…Well, I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s just say I’m glad I got over it.


For the most part I knew all the right things I needed to do to de-stress and yet I was having a hard time achieving my desired goal. I would focus on the foods I was eating, and despite being a huge food advocate no matter how I ate or what I ate my stress level wasn’t decreasing. I found myself constantly wanting to clean and declutter my house. That was my “AHA MOMEMENT”. I needed a detox! Except it wasn’t a food detox, like juicing. I needed a whole body detox – Mind, body and spirit.

I preach about eating healthy and whole foods, and eliminating all processed and high in sugary foods from your diet, and with that said I will continue to preach just that – PLEASE EAT HEALTHY :). However what I learned is that in order for us to feel our best we need our mind, body and spirit to be functioning in union. So there are times when we need to detox ourselves as a whole. If the environment around you is toxic then all the health foods you eat won’t heal your environment and if your foods are toxic then the environment around you will be toxic. “A rotten apple ruins the bunch.”


While going to school I learned about primary foods. This term was introduced to me by Dr Joshua Rosenthal, it’s the food you don’t find on your plate. It’s exactly what I was missing from my theory.  The things in life that are not found on our plates are just as important for our growth as the whole foods on our plates to help us heal and thrive in life.


I invite you to take this quick exercise and see how well balanced your life is.  Determine where you need to spend more time and energy to create more balance.



Are you ready to take control of your stress? Contact me and lets go over the results.


With Health & Happiness,











Mariana Fritsch



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