"I'm Stuck"

February 7, 2016


How many of you have felt or are feeling stuck?


I know I have felt stuck many times in my life and have to admit that during those times I’ve felt lost and desperate for answers and a way out. I have now learned to be grateful for my tough times… Crazy right?! However these tough times help me shape who I am today. I like to refer to these times like I’m a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly! I go into my cocoon and take in the lesson that I’m being requested to learn and once I’m strong enough and have surrendered to my lesson I grow into a beautiful butterfly and will fly away to a better place for new lessons to learn. 


There is an amazing lesson to learn from feeling stuck, and the truth is none of us are ever stuck to any situation in our lives.


Are you ready for the real truth to why we get stuck??


We are scared of what ever decision we need to make! We all have the answers to what we want to do and need to do. We become stuck when we don’t want to make a decision for whatever reason that might be. Maybe we are not ready to move past our lesson because we haven’t fully learned everything yet, sometimes it’s a fear of the unknown and what is behind the new door we need to walk through in order to move past the situation. Our hearts are always trying to protect us from not feeling pain and at times it sabotages us in not moving forward because the feeling of the unknown might cause more pain and the pain that you are feeling now is already known and you have become used to it.


Trust me making the move will bring you lots of joy! Ripping the band aid all at once will cause you pain for a shorter period of time then if you rip it off slowly.



Are you stuck?



Why are you stuck?


And if you don’t know the answer — I will ask my favorite question that I ask my clients — If you knew the answer what would you want it to be?


I invite you to get unstuck!




With Health & Happiness,







Mariana Fritsch




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