Is It Time To Let Go?

February 29, 2016


“Time heals everything”


Does time really heal everything? Or do we just chose to see things differently as the time goes by?


We are 2 months into 2016 and I like to start every year with my right foot in. I meditate on all the lessons learned during the year before and all my blessings. I also enjoy letting go of what no longer serves me. The passing of 2015 was no different. I had a lot to be thankful for and had many lessons I learned, also had a few things that no longer served me.


Actually many of those things I should have let go a long time ago and due to fear and uncertainty I held on.


Why do we hold to things that no longer serves us? What are you afraid to let go?


Time doesn’t really heal everything! We heal everything that we want to heal. You have the strength and power to let go of your pain and leave behind what no longer serves you.


I had mentioned on my last blog, “I’m Stuck” that every single one of us have the answers to our lives!  Our heart, and mind are always trying to protect us from pain.  Our mind starts talking to us and attempts to help us avoid the unknown when our hearts are ready to make the jump and let of go of what no longer serves us.   Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go!


How can you help your mind quite down in order for it to feel relief and abundance of happiness when you let go of what no longer serves you? I want to invite you to do the same exercise I did at the passing of this past year (I also do this from time to time during the year — Just to check with my heart and mind that we are both on the same page)


Grab a pencil and a journal. Get in touch with your heart, connect with your heart at this moment and not your mind and answer these questions in your journal:

  1. Let your pen guide you and don’t judge the answers (no one will see this, unless you want them to see it)

  2. What am I most grateful for (pick a time that you are having difficulty letting go)?

  3. What has expired in my life now?

  4. What’s no longer in alignment in my life?

  5. What’s rising in me now?


End it with a mini meditation and allow the process to be released within the next few days. Please be kind to yourself as you allow this moment of letting go of what no longer serves you. There is no rush in getting anywhere, you are on the right path of recognizing that sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go, and you are strong enough to let go!


Please connect with me and let me know how you did during your process of letting go!


With Health & Happiness,











Mariana Fritsch





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