Beating the Scale During the Holidays

December 23, 2015


I’m so grateful for all the love and appreciation that everyone has been showing me this year.


The amount of chocolates, and cookies and sweets I have been receiving from everyone is starting to make me feel heavy, LOL.  I don’t know about you but I cannot eat another piece of chocolate.

Being prepared during this time of the year is the best way to beat the scale



Here are 7 steps that have helped me stay prepared and in control during the holiday season:


1. Start with a healthy breakfast. Carry around some raw nuts, and/or apples and bananas on hand during the day for light snacking. This will keep you feeling full and not want to binge out on all the sugary treats.


2. When at a party – Step away from the buffet! Standing around by the food is a surefire way for you to lose track of what you are eating. Fill up your plate with plenty of veggies and fruits. They are packed with vitamins that our body craves and they have all of the important amount of fat and calories. Then quickly walk away from the buffet and social with friends.


3. The majority of dips at holiday parties are filled with ingredients that the scale just dies for. Avoid the dips that are full of mayonnaise, and sour cream, look for the healthiest versions available, like hummus, salsa, guacamole, and plain yogurt.


4. Smoked salmon is a great choice to go with the veggies and fruits on your plate. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are awesome for brain functionality. Shrimp cocktails is another healthy option. Shrimps are low on fat and will fill you up. Try to stay away from the cocktail sauce. It is most likely store bought and packed with extra salt and sodium.


5. Holiday cocktails are at their peak.  Choose a heart-healthy red wine to sip on.  While any alcoholic beverage has a lot of sugar, try to stick to just one and always remember to hydrate your body.  For every glass of alcohol drink 2 glasses of water.


6. Carry with you a small minty mouth wash, or sugar free gum.  Once you feel full give yourself a refreshment with the mouth wash, or pop the gum in your mouth.  The minty freshness will help avoid going back in for another plate of food, or a cocktail.


7. With everything else going on around this time of the year don’t skip the gym.  Add an extra time to your gym schedule.   Your waistline will thank you.


What some of your ideas to staying in shape during the holidays?


With Health & Happiness,








Mariana Fritsch




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