Detoxing After the Holidays

December 27, 2015


Are you feeling bloated from all the eating during the holidays? 


Are you feeling like you need a detox from all the sugary foods and treats that comes with the season?


When we think of DETOX, we think of going on a diet that consists of juices and smoothies, right? —- This is a great way to kick start our body to lose weight, except when we are trying to detox from all the sugar we have been indulging and overeating, a juice and smoothie diet will only provide our body with more sugar!


Here are my 6 step detox to reverse the damage of a sugar binge.  These steps will help you drop the extra pounds gained over the holidays!

  1. Eliminate the carbs at breakfast – Your body doesn’t want more sugar.  If you feed carbs, your body will burn those off first before getting to all the sugar it already has.  Feed your body healthy fats.   Ideas for breakfast would be hardboiled eggs, with avocado.

  2. Drink water, drink water, drink water –  Hydrate your body up with water and natural coconut water.  Drink enough of these liquids until your urine is clear.  Your body needs water and potassium to get rid of all the extra sodium in your body.

  3. Eat raw veggies – When you eat a lot of sugar, your insulin spikes, telling your body to store that sugar as fat. High-fiber veggies level out the spike and will slow down that sugar absorption. The best raw veggies to eat are broccoli, cauliflower, and sugar snap peas.

  4. Exercise – Going for a walk, or your favourite type of exercise will help you feel better.  Sweating will get rid of the toxins.  You may feel the urge to sleep in but exercising will help you feel like a new person.

  5. Eat fiber –  Lots of fiber! – Fiber will bind up all the sugar that’s in your liver.  This will prevent your liver from sending the sugar to your blood.  Add a nice lean protein to the mix and you have yourself a nice healthy meal to get you back on track!

  6. Stay away from the scale – No need to weigh yourself the day after overeating.  You are only setting yourself up.  Wait a week before checking on that weight.

Remember be kind to yourself.  You had fun during the festivities and no need to beat yourself up for it.  Just give yourself lots of TLC and everything will be back to track in no time.


For more information about becoming healthier for the new year contact me!


With Health & Happiness,








Mariana Fritsch



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