Happy Hanukkah

December 6, 2015




Best wishes to all my Jewish friends that have been celebrating Hanukkah this year.


This is not necessarily a post about religion, it is about love.  Love for one another, love for those that are different then us, and those that believe in other faiths.


Once an Orthodox Jewish client taught me an amazing lesson about her faith and the beliefs in her religion.  I’m typically the one doing the teaching :).  However when I meet someone I like to be open to all the possibilities that that individual has to show me, besides there is always a reason someone comes into your life, I help them and they help me!

As she started explaining some of the different concepts about living as an Orthodox Jew.  I became very interested in the part that once a week, Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset, Orthodox Jews spend quality time with one another — No television, no phones, no cars, etc.  Due to the demands of not being able to drive during those hours they end up living in a community close to the their temple.  This belief brings them closer to their community and gives them a sense of belonging and in return LOVE grows :).


We are living in a world where we go out for dinner and every individual is on their phones, family and friends don’t interact anymore unless it involves electronics.  We don’t have to be Orthodox Jews to implement a concept that will fill us with happiness and love for one another!

Who is with me? I’m going to implement this concept in my life.  I will start with 3 hours per day I will turn my phone off and spend quality time with my family, I will enjoy meals that don’t consist of television and staring at the phone.  I will go for long walks and have conversations with loved ones.


Come join me with this challenge!


With Health & Happiness, 







Mariana Fritsch



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