Are you addicted to the internet?

July 16, 2016


It is no secret that I started working as a life coach in honor of my son! He has been my first and true love.  My greatest passion is being his mom, and I made a promise to provide him with the best life possible - happiness, good health, education and over all the opportunity to grow into a well rounded adult.  Between all my education, continued education, training and life experiences I created PAZ to help you remove blocks from your life that are in the way of you becoming the best version of yourself.


In continuing my path to provide my son with the best healthiest possible options in life, I had been debating in getting him a tablet/IPad for reading his books.  I'm not a huge fan of the whole playing games on the iPad; I really wanted something for him to read - which in return I would also be helping the planet by saving trees and would reduce clutter in the house :).


Here is what I came up with ... My decision: Continue to provide him with paper books, and more trips to the library.




Well, we are living in a time period where society is addicted to the internet! Our kids have a hard time getting our attention and we have a hard time getting their's.  At a restaurant you can look around and everyone is on their phones and barely carry an organic conversation for more than 5 minutes without checking their phones.


Reading is a de-stressor but when reading from an electronic device it can actually increase your stress level.  The flickering lights from the screen causes your brain to start accelerating and can even cause you to not sleep well at night.  That is a big issue at our house hold since we enjoy reading right before bed time. 


Has your life been involved with electronic devices, video games, internet to a level that you can't even control?  Are you constantly clicking to see what is on Facebook? Or another text, or email?  


You are not alone!  


Having a craving to always have to check your phone, and always have to surf the web is causing you more physical harm than you can imagine.  It actually has some life changing results.  Scientific research has shown that Internet addiction may lead to impaired brain structure and function!   


Too much screen time (internet addiction) is associated with structural and functional changes in the frontal lobe of the brain, which governs executive functions like impulse control, organizing, and planning.  MRI results of the brain of individuals that spend between 5-6 hours per day on the internet has shown shrinkage or loss of a tissue called insula.  Insula is an oval region found in each hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, involved in sensation, emotion, and autonomic function.  It regulates our capacity to show emotions and empathy to those around us.


Could you go 24 hours without the internet?

How about some small changes to help you use the internet to your advantage and not allow it to control your life?!  


>>>>>>Here is my quick guide to help you take control of your internet time<<<<<<<  













Mariana Fritsch




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