Happy New Years!

January 17, 2017


Happy New Year!


There is something amazing about the start of a new year! It’s another chance to re-start and re-try all the things you didn’t have a chance to accomplish the year before!  It’s a new beginning!



Can you agree?




There is definitely something different about this year, like a powerful shift is happening.  According to numerology, year of 2016 had an energy number 9.  The number 9 symbolizes the end of things, changes.  Change was the theme for 2016!  We have now moved into 2017, where there will be a lot of new beginnings; We are stepping into a year with an energy number 1.


In numerology we add all the numbers up.  For example:

2+0+1+7 = 10 – so then we add 1+0 = 1. 

We always use just one digit numbers.


ONE symbolizes new beginnings and unity.  Unity within ourselves and those around us.  When transitioning from a year with an energy number 9 to a ONE, we really want to make sure that we release everything from 2016.  All of our lessons and everything 2016 had to offer – the good times and the tough times. 


Yes! The tough times also, I’m all in favor of focusing on the positive and in order to grow and move forward without anything lingering it’s important that we accept all of it.  You can’t clean out your kitchen to add new food if you are only focusing on the positive (the good food in there), you will need to clear and throw out the food that is rotten.   Remember one rotten apple can ruin the bunch.  This can also happen to your 2017, if you leave the tough situations unresolved (or the rotten parts) from your 2016, it will eventually catch up to you in 2017, preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself this year!


In order for us to accept our lessons, and changes that happened in 2016 and completely move into 2017 it is important to clear things out.  Focusing in ourselves and also those around us – our partners, friends, family members, children, co-workers and so forth. 


I invite you to join me for a beautiful Sunrise Yoga & Meditation January 29, 2017 at Deerfield Beach Pier!


This is such an amazing experience and truly energizing (despite being so early in the morning :) ) .  I tend to do this with my son once a month.  We head to the beach with breakfast, we do a mindful yoga and meditate while the sun is rising.  Depending on the weather we even jump in the water.  Trust me it is really energizing.  Sometimes we take a nice, calming nap in the afternoon.



With Love,














Mariana Fritsch





I truly do hope you can make it.  Don’t forget to RSVP

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