Sleep vs Weight Gain

Sleep is something we have a hard time understanding.

Do we brag about how little sleep we get? or, do we give ourselves the needed rest and feel guilty about it?

Sleep is important for everything that happens to our bodies, from restoring and repairing tissues, to our cognitive functioning, decision making and memory building.

As you can see sleep is so much more than those dark under eye circles. Sleep is your best friend!

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Can’t figure out why you are gaining weight? Wondering why you just can’t seem to burn off those last few pounds?

You might be sleep deprived!

According to a study back in March 2015, published in The Endocrine Society depriving yourself of just 30 minutes of sleep per weekday can have long term effects for your waistline and insulin resistance.

Let’s dive in deeper into this research…

When you are tired your body creates cortisol, a stress hormone which boosts your levels of the ghrelin. Ghrelin is in charge of telling you when you’re hungry. The greatest part of our bodies is the fact that it knows exactly what to do to heal itself, and right about now your body is under stress, and it quickly tries to produce serotonin to calm you down. However, the quickest way to do that is to crave high fat, high carb foods to create a neurochemical reaction. When all of your hormones are going a little out of whack with cortisol increasing and boosting your levels of ghrelin, it also decreases leptin, which tells you when you feel full. Meaning now you are extremely hungry, craving less healthier food choices and your body will not be able to communicate that it is full!

Need more evidence to persuade you to get more sleep at night?

It is no surprise that diabetes has been on the rise for a few years now and it continues to rise. According to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 12% of the adult population is estimated to have diabetes.

You ask what does this have to do with sleep?

Well, a lot!!

When you are sleep deprived your bodies powerhouse, Mitochondria shuts down. Mitochondria acts like a digestive system, taking in the nutrients and breaking them down to create energy rich molecules for the cell. When this process starts to shut down sugar is no longer able to be broken down and it remains in your blood stream, causing you to have high blood sugar. Not getting enough sleep causes your fat cells to not be able to deal with insulin.

Ready to get some sleep!?!

Figure out your wake up time and count back 7.5-8 hours, that would be your ideal bed time. If you real my post a few months back, Are you Addicted to the Internet?, I go into more details about how all those electronics cause our brains to work double time and keep you from falling asleep; ideal would be to turn them all off about 45 minutes prior to bed time. This will give your brain enough time to relax. Fitting in some adequate exercise program into your life style can also help you fall asleep quicker at night. Avoid going over your to do list for tomorrow, tomorrow can wait, now it is time to relax and not be worried about things that didn’t get done today.

I would love to hear how you plan to get a better night sleep... ZzzzzZ


Mariana Fritsch

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